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Lessons by Golf Professional Ed Brodzik

Ed has played competitive golf since age 9, participating in and winning numerous tournaments on national, state and local levels.

He attended New Mexico State University on a four-year golf scholarship and earned a degree in Business Management with a minor in psychology. His years of tournament competiton against some of the best players in the world has enabled him to reach his current level of expertise.

Insights into his teaching methodologies have been acquired from his father, other golf professionals and top amatuers. He has incorporated this into his own teaching style, based on the basics of grip, stance, posture, alignment, balance and ball position.

He has helped to improve the game of beginners to advanced players, including a state champion!!! With over 20 + years of teaching experience and his past competitive experience, Ed will help you "take it from the practice range to the golf course".




  • Teaching Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Players for more than 20 years
  • Focusing on all aspects of the game from driving to putting
  • Specializing in short game play
  • Improve your scoring and enjoyment of the game
  • Explaining all aspects of the game in easy to understand, layman's terms
  • Gift Certificates available
  • Private and Group Rates available
  • Lessons by appointment: 681-1670


Lesson Packages
Adult Private Lessons - 40 minutes
Adult Private Lesson Packages - 40 minutes
3 Lessons
5 Lessons
10 Lessons
Adult Group Lessons - 1 hour
2 students
$40 each
3 students
$30 each
4 students
$25 each
Adult Group Lesson Packages
Three - 1 hour lessons
2 students
$110 each
3 students
$85 each
4 students
$70 each
Junior Private Lessons - 18 years old and under - 30 minutes
Junior Private Lesson Packages - 30 minutes
4 lessons
6 lessons
1 Large Bucket of Range Balls Included with Lesson
($9.00 value)
To Schedule and Appointment or For More Information
Call: Ed Brodzik at 681-1670
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This is one "short drive" that will put a smile on your face!